Question & Answers

Q: Do I need a building permit to build a grill house?
A: Yes, usually the building permit is needed. We can assist you in obtaining the permit.

Q: How does the process go to get the building permit for the grill house?​
It is best to first contact your local City/County building permit service to clarify the local building codes and process.

Q: What if I don't get the building permit for my grill house?
A: In the case that the building permit is denied, your down payment will be repaid to you without any charge.

Q: What is a payment conditions for the purchase?
A: Normally down payment is 50% and final 50% fall due 2 weeks before the delivery time.

Q: I am planning to buy a Grill house, what kind of foundation would I have to make?
A: The foundation could be made by concrete slab or blocks. We provide the detailed foundation drawings, for the project.

Q: Who will be doing the foundation?
A: The foundation must be done by the customers or a licensed contractor/builder.

Q: Can we order the grill house with assembly?
A: Yes, we can provide assembly services, for an additional fee.

Q: If we order the product today, when we are able to get it?
A: Delivery time for the product is usually 2-5 weeks. We also have some warehouse models which are ready for the delivery. Usually, the time between  getting the building permit and the foundation ready, we are able to deliver our products.

Q: Open fire inside can be a fire hazard. How to prevent that?
A: When handling open fire, you have to be careful. There are certain inherent risks associated with using fire in the grill inside the Grill / Garden House. To prevent the risk of fire, We highly  recommend to use only charcoal or briquettes. as fuel in the grill.

Q: With fire inside, is there a risk for Carbon Monoxide build up?
A: Even though Arctic Finland House grills are highly developed and the grill comes with the smoke collector and the roof of the house is ventilated, there is still risk for carbon monoxide build up. Therefore, use always dry fuel, charcoal or briquettes and small fire in your grill.