Arctic Finland House, inc. Grill House

Roots comes from the arctic Finland 

Arctic Finland House Ltd was founded 1996, since then Arctic Finland House has been producing high quality grill kotas, grill houses, garden houses, pavilions, barrel buildings, barrel saunas, wells, swinging tables and many other buildings. Arctic Finland House’s roots come from the arctic Finnish Lapland.

When quality matters


Arctic Finland House is well known of its high quality and long history in grill house market area. Our vision and goal is to keep producing the best quality around the world and offer our clients easy and risk free way to purchase their own grill houses or garden houses. Our professional customer services, builders and office workers will ensure that you will be taken care of. Arctic Finland House has over 15 years of experience of designing, producing and transporting grill houses and pavilions around the world. Years of experience can be seen in our high quality products and reliable deliveries. Over the years we have designed new products to meet our customers demand. These products are grill houses, grill kotas, bbq-houses, pavilions, saunas, barrel saunas, barrel buildings, cabins, wells, swinging tables, grills, open grill houses

Company Profile

Arctic Finland House, Inc. 

Founded: 2013

Arctic Finland House Inc. is now taking market entry in US market with its high quality pre-fabricated wooden products.


Arctic Finland House, Inc. Gardenhouse